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Municipalities - The problems that municipalities face can be numerous, from broken utilities to unqualified contractors. N.W MI Contracting stands strong on their reputation and quality workmanship to address any problem and work together to complete all challenging jobs. Find out more here.


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Engineers are sometimes faced with designing projects that are both practical and economical, and will contact an excavating contractor for some practical advice based on their experience.

Northwest has many years of experience in all lines of excavation work and have offered many helpful solutions to design engineers that have been practical and economically feasible.

As an engineer you take the time to design projects that will hold up under adverse conditions in Northwest Michigan, and at times contractors jeopardize the design by cutting corners to  save money.

Northwest works closely with the engineer and builds the job as designed so as not to compromise the integrity of the project.  Also we check the plans for errors and communicate to the engineer ahead of time to work out a solution before proceeding with the work, avoiding unnecessary costs to all parties involved.

If we can help you in any way let us know by contacting us either by email or phone.


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Robert Becker --Street Dept Sup. / City of Traverse City  231-922-4901  Ext.119

Scott Jozwiak -- Jozwiak Engineering/ Traverse City MI  231-218-1201

Dave Green--DPS Director/ City of Traverse City  231-922-4910  Ext. 116

Tim Roach--Gosling Czubak Engineering/ Traverse City MI   231-946-9191

Joe Elliott--Gourdie Fraser Inc/ Traverse City MI  231-946-5874